May 7, 2021

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Rig-e Yalaan desert in Iran

The three provinces are reaching together in an area in the north of Rig-e Yalaan desert. The desert is around 150 kilometers from north to south, and 70 kilometers from east to west.

Rig-e Yalaan desert expands from west to Dasht-e Lut, from north to Dehsalam, from east to Nosrat-Abad, Aspi and Okhoran, and from south and southwest to Lut-e Zangi Ahmad and Kal Shoor Lut. The Height above mean sea level is about 550 meters in western areas and around 830 meters in eastern regions. 

In these eye-catching pictures, you see beautiful nature of days and nights of Rig-e Yalaan desert in Sistan-o-Baluchestan province. April 8, 2021. IRNA/ Abolfazl Arab


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