June 21, 2021

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Kish Island to become intl tourist destination for Fisher’s New Year celebrations

Nowruze Sayyad Day or Fisher’s New Year is being celebrated annually on July 19.

Locals, especially fishermen in southern regions of Iran, celebrate Nowruz-e Sayyad day, meaning the Fisher’s New Year.

Fishing is a major part of the island’s life and different seasons and periods are defined according to its cycles. Unlike other parts of Iran which celebrate the costumery Nowruz in late March, local people in southern Islands celebrate their New Year as well which called the Fisherman’s Nowruz, (Norwuz-e Sayyad) at the beginning of the main fishing season in late July.

In this ceremony, the villagers wear new clothes and paint their animals with a red mud called Gelak and take them to the sea, and the indigenous women receive guests with cooked pastries made from dates called Ranginak.

The locals would not go fishing or eat fish or other seafood on this day and believe that all fish are free and should reproduce.

Kish Island to become intl tourist destination for Fisher's New Year celebrations

Head of Tourism Development and Cultural Heritage office of Kish Free Zone Mahan Modavvan told IRNA on Saturday that his organization, according to its goal and duties, is seeking to hold Nowruz-e Sayyad Day or Fisher’s New Year celebrations in the summer festivals that are being held annually in this region.

He said that various festivals such as fishing, seafood, water-based activities, and handicrafts exhibitions are scheduled in this celebration too.

Although Kish Island is active in different sections of trade as well as oil and gas – it was even the greatest trading hub in the Persian Gulf during the Seljuk empire (1037-1194 AD) – its economy today is based mostly on tourism.

The Island has the required infrastructure so that it has been called “the most complete international tourist region in Iran”.

Hosting about 1.5 million tourists every year, Kish Island has an average of 20,000 internal and international flights annually. It has 52 hotels (12 5-star ones), 2 apartment hotels and 2 resorts.

However, the coronavirus outbreak hit the Island’s tourism industry this year, so that it is now using its minimum capacity after two months of total lockdown.


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