June 21, 2021

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Iranian Armenian invites fellows groups to enthusiastically partake in elections

The Armenian community will participate in the elections in a much more enthusiastic manner than before and intends to show to the world its support for and also its influential and decisive role in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Edik Majnonian made said in an interview with IRNA on Saturday.

He said that the Supreme Leader has repeatedly emphasized the necessity for broad participation of the Iranian people from all walks of life in the elections.

He said as always before, Armenians will be actively participating in the national event.

“I have never felt it was necessary to urge the Armenian community to participate in the elections held in Iran,” he added.

“The Armenian community In Iran partakes in the elections spontaneously for the prosperity of Iranian people and the development of the country,”  Majnonians said.

Iran’s 13th presidential election is slated for June 18. Registration of presidential hopefuls will start from May 11 for five days.


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Original News : https://en.irna.ir/news/84321602/Iranian-Armenian-invites-fellows-groups-to-enthusiastically-partake

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