June 21, 2021

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Iran urges UNSC not to remain indifferent to Israeli crimes

“Continuous attacks on Palestine by Israeli regime have resulted in death & injury of many innocent Palestinians,” Ravanchi wrote on his twitter account.

He described the Israeli regime as Apartheid, adding “The racist nature of the Apartheid regime means injustice will prevail.”

“UNSC cannot remain indifferent to the atrocities, and US should stop shielding Israel at UN,” Ravanchi further wrote.

The Israeli regime has carried out several attacks on Gaza in recent days, killing over 30 Palestinians and injuring 200 others.

The attacks have been widely criticized by many countries, international organizations and Human Rights entities, but the United States has put a brake on a Security Council statement.

US officials, including Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, deny Palestinians’ right to self-defense, while recognizing the same for the Israeli regime.


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