June 21, 2021

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Iran strongly supports Palestinian cause: Qalibaf

Addressing parliament’s open session on Sunday, Qalibaf referred to the Zionist regime’s crimes and said that this regime aims to continue the genocide of the  Palestinians, continues its crimes in ” Sheikh Jarrah” and  attacks defenseless people in this region.

Pointing out that  Zionist regime does not respect human rights, Qalibaf added that the point is that, why the international community is silent in this time.

Iranian Parliament Speaker warned Zionists that the Islamic Ummah is standing against these genocides, adding that the resistance and unity among Palestinian groups are the only options for the Palestinians in the fight against the child-killer and the Zionist usurper.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Qalibaf said that it is essential that all leaders in the region, help the resistance forces as soon as possible and prevent the genocide of oppressed Palestinians.


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