June 24, 2021

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Afghan, Iranian artists play key role in boosting commonalities

The vast cultural, lingual, religious and intellectual commonalities between Afghanistan and Iran paves the ground to expand mutual relationships. 

Fatima Khavari, Afghan designer and craftsperson, told IRNA on Saturday that the artisans and authorities of both countries should promote cooperation in cultural arenas.

For instance, an advertisement will be very effective to bolster collaborations, but unfortunately, the way for bringing Iranian and Afghan artists has not been yet paved, she noted. 

According to the artisan, Iranian educated and cultural people have a very good interaction with Afghan migrants in Iran. 

She went on to say that Iranian friends have play a constructive role in enriching the works of Afghan artists, noting that there are some administrative regulations, which are a kind of stumbling block in the way of expanding cooperation between the two friendly nations.

However, she argued, some ceremonies and festivals have been held in Iran, where Afghan artists, writers, and journalists took part. There are some organizations and associations such as Dayyaran that are active in introducing successful Afghan figures.

Praising the existing relations between Iranian and Afghan non-governmental bodies to strengthen academic ties, she called on governmental organizations to play a more active role in this regard.

Khavari further elaborated that certain people have an incorrect imagination of Afghan migrants, which should be modified by both sides.


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Original News : https://en.irna.ir/news/84322029/Afghan-Iranian-artists-play-key-role-in-boosting-commonalities

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