April 21, 2021

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Russian Envoy Calls US Delegation’s Stance at Iran Nuclear Talks in Vienna Balanced

Ulyanov heads the Russian delegation at the nuclear talks that kicked off in the Austrian capital earlier on Tuesday and is focused on steps to fully restore the 2015 deal. Following the first day of meetings, participants launch the work of two expert groups — on lifting sanctions against Tehran and on nuclear issues.

“It seems to me that the position of the current [US] negotiating team is rather balanced, they try to understand what is going on, heed the advice,” Ulyanov told the Rossiya 24 broadcaster, adding that the US delegation is trying to find common ground for progress.

The JCPOA meeting — the latest bid to break the deadlock in the talks on the 2015 nuclear agreement — took place as time is running out for the participants to save the deal.

Earlier in the day, Paris welcomed the resumption of the nuclear talks, while Washington said it considered the ongoing Vienna talks a welcome and constructive step to get a better understanding of how to restore mutual compliance with the Iran nuclear agreement.

Original News : https://sputniknews.com/world/202104061082558084-russian-envoy-calls-us-delegations-stance-at-iran-nuclear-talks-in-vienna-balanced/

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