April 15, 2021

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Iran rejects reports on disruption in gas flow to Turkey

Iran’s state-run gas company says supplies to Turkey have continued without any disruption. (Photo by Shana.ir)
The National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) has dismissed reports that its supply of gas to Turkey has faced disruptions in recent months, saying exports have continued unabated since early summer.

A senior NIGC official said on Wednesday that gas flow to Turkey has not stopped since July when Iran resumed exports after a three-month halt that had been caused by an explosion in the export pipelines in the Turkish territory.

“The flow resumed since this country (Turkey) carried out repair works and there have been no reports whatsoever about any disruption in exports,” said Mohammad Reza Joulayi.

Joulayi said that Iran had indeed halted supplies to Turkey for several days earlier this year because of additional repairs on the pipelines and installations.

Turkish media reports in January said that Iran had decreased the amount of gas supplied to Turkey by more than 60 percent for a brief period and because of “technical issues”.

That came after Turkey’s state-owned petroleum trade company BOTAS said that gas supplies from Iran had been declining since late December.

However, Joulayi said that Iran is currently supplying 30 million cubic meters (mcm) per day of natural gas to Turkey.

Iran is supposed to provide an average of 833 mcm of gas per month to Turkey under a current contract between the two countries.

Turkey is the second top buyer of Iranian gas after Iraq. Russia and Azerbaijan are other top suppliers as Ankara faces growing demand for energy in households and industries.

Iran’s gas supplies to Iraq amount to around 50 mcm per day at peak times although the flow has been slashed significantly over payment issues since December.  

Original News : https://presstv.com/Detail/2021/04/07/648963/Iran-gas-exports-Turkey-disruption-denial-NIGC

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