May 17, 2021

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Iran ambassador to Belarus stresses condemnation of Natanz terrorist act

Yari in his meeting with  Nikolai Borisovich exchanged viewpoints on political and economic issues of mutual interest.

They particularly focused on the issues related to the upcoming 6th Joint Political Consultations of Iran and Belarus, the 15th Joint Economic Commission of the two countries, and the 7th Joint Commission of Iran and Belarus on Educational, Scientific, and Technological Cooperation.

The two sides also adopted decisions on accelerating cooperation in comprehensive fields of mutual interest.

They were also agreed on need for continuous consultation on broader cooperation at regional and international scenes and further expansion and strengthening of cooperation in those fields.

Ambassador Yari in the meeting elaborated on Iran’s stand about the recent nuclear terrorist act Zionist regime of Israel against Iran’s peace Natanz Nuclear Complex, arguing that the adventurist act merely leads to destabilizing the regional and international scenes, as well as the world peace and stability.


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