May 17, 2021

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Cooperation with neighboring countries, including Pakistan, our certain policy: Speaker

The Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in his visit to Tehran met and conferred with the Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf.

Qalibaf in this meeting expressed satisfaction about the good and intimate bilateral ties between Iran and Pakistan and said that Iran’s absolute policy is close cooperation with all its neighboring countries.

When we see that our enemies, with their interference are after destroying our deep and heartfelt relations, we get more determined for further strengthening our relations, he added.

Further expressing delight for the two countries’ success in establishment of excellent relations, Qalibaf reiterated: Earlier in a meeting with Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s Ambassador in Tehran I had emphasized the need for further expansion of border cooperation, trade, and establishment of Joint Border Markets, and not after the signing of this memorandum of cooperation for their establishment, the first of which was opened in Pishin Border Market. 

The Parliament speaker referred to the satisfactory level of bilateral political and security cooperation, arguing: The level of economic transactions is faced with vacuums, that keeping in mind the difficulties due to the sanctions and the Corona pandemic, we need to use the two countries’ high potentials more than ever before.

Qalibaf meanwhile appreciated the Pakistani government’s stands in campaign against Islamophobia, saying: The government, Parliament and nation of the Islamic Republic of Iran are opposed to any kind of voice that promotes discord among the Islamic Ummah (nation) and are living free from tribal and sectarian disputes under the supportive umbrella of Islamic unity.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian Parliament speaker referred to the recent webinar of the Parliament speakers of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, reiterating: Important ideas about economic cooperation and effective campaign against terrorism were presented in that webinar and ways for promoting peace and security in Afghanistan were proposed there.

Thanks to the plan for the US military forces’ exit from Afghanistan, the roles of that country’s neighbors for assisting Afghanistan became more significant and therefore the Islamic Republic of Iran considers cooperation with Pakistan for constructive progress of affairs in Afghanistan as a key policy, said Qalibaf.

Pakistan’s foreign minister, too, said in the meeting that parliamentary transactions lead to proximity of the two nations aimed at better comprehending of the concepts.

Qureshi referred to the opening of the Pishin Joint Border Market, saying: An agreement for opening new border markets was signed today, that will lead to boosting bilateral trade.

Referring to the recent developments in Afghanistan, the top Pakistani diplomat said: None of us want the ISIS and terrorism to further expand and both countries favor peace and advancement, which will lead to strengthening bilateral ties.

The Pakistani FM at the end presented his country’s Parliament speaker’s invitation to Qalibaf for a state visit of Pakistan.


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