May 17, 2021

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Chilling footage captures Iranian drone spying on US warships in Persian Gulf – VIDEO

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) have reported the drones captured close footage of an American aircraft carrier during an overflight of the vessel as it sailed through the Straits of Hormuz. The chilling footage released on Wednesday clearly shows US warplane laid out on the deck of the ship as well as other military aircraft and equipment deployed on the carrier.

At one point the UAV appears to hover above a US Navy helicopter as the aircraft prepares to either take off or land.

Also visible in the recording are what appear to be crewmen of the aircraft carrier moving around on deck.

Further footage captured by another Iranian drone shows the operator tracking a support vessel sailing alongside the carrier with the crosshairs of the camera.

Alarmingly, neither US warship appears to have been aware of the clandestine activity taking place in the sky above them.

The second part of the recordings released by the IRCG showcase Iranian military kamikaze drones hitting various targets, including a tank.

The UAVs are seen slamming into the targets with precision, smashing them into smithereens.

This is not the first time the Revolutionary Guard Corp has test US military capabilities in the region.

Last September, Iran released images of a US strike group deployed near the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran has blamed the incident on Israel, the only country in the Middle East widely reported to have nuclear weapons, but officials in Tel Aviv are yet to officially respond.

The advancement of uranium purity moves Iran another step closer weapons-grade levels of 90 percent.

Tehran has always denied trying to develop a nuclear weapon, but the move further undermines the Iran nuclear deal.

The treaty aims to curb Tehran’s nuclear capabilities in return for sanctions relief, but has been left in disarray after the US withdrew from the agreement.

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