May 7, 2021

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Army’s drone power trump card of Armed Forces: Cmdr

If necessary, they will be used in battle, said Army Commander Major-General Abdolrahim Mousavi, speaking on the occasion of Army Day, April 18.

Referring to the military equipment on display in the Amy’s Parade, General Mousavi said that what was showcased was a small part of the capabilities of the Army, which were shown under COVID-19 health protocols.

He went on to say that the Army has resisted the enemy for 43 years and will go on to do so.

General Mousavi also said that the Army will stand by the Iranian people in natural disasters, such as quakes and floods, it has always done.

The commander of the Iranian Army said that the drone power of the force was developed under sanctions and the maximum pressure, adding that sanction can be restrictive to any nation, but the ones that use the sanctions and pressures as opportunities can strongly state what they want to say in the world.


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