April 15, 2021

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Rouhani: Gov’t to collectively pursue slogan of year

Rouhani made the remarks in the first session of the cabinet in the new Iranian year which started today.

He noted that the government will make efforts to pass the affairs of the country to the next government after the sanctions are removed and the COVID-19 is over.

Undoubtedly, the year 1400 will be the beginning of the country’s economic prosperity again, he said, adding that this year the nation’s three-year resistance to the enemy’s economic war will lead to the results.

The government, just as its previous year when it managed to materialize the slogan of the surge in production while simultaneously promoting resistance of the great Iranians and defeated the foes in the economic war, this year, too, will do its best to support and eliminate the obstacles.

Rouhani said that the rise in production requires cooperation, unity, and solidarity of the three branches of power in supporting production centers and helping to lift barriers to production.

He went on to say that the private sector can play a significant role to this end.

During his speech on the arrival of the New Year, Rouhani earlier said that Iran can be the most attractive atmosphere for taking advantage of Iranian knowledge and capital in the world.


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