March 6, 2021

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Iran’s AEO explanation on joint statement with IAEA

The trip of the IAEA Chief Rafael Grossi to Iran was requested by the authority and Iran accepted, said the note.

It added that in the talks, IAEA emphasized on respecting the law passed in Iranian parliament and its implementation and it was reflected in the joint statement, too.

Iran and IAEA agreed that Additional Protocol and JCPOA-based access would be totally halted and only Iran’s safeguard commitments continue to be implemented, the release went onto say.

In this regard, there will no access and no inspection beyond safeguard agreements as stated in the law passed by Iran’s parliament.

Reference to continuation of necessary verification and monitoring in the second paragraph of join statement is to suggest that Iran will record and maintain the information related to some activities and monitoring equipment specified in the attachment to the agreement for 3 months.

During this period, the IAEA will have no access to the information, as it is only kept by Iran. If sanctions are removed in this period of 3 months, Iran will transfer the information to the IAEA; otherwise, the information will be removed forever.

Because of concerns regarding protections and the necessity of non-revealing Iran’s key facilities, the attachment to the statement which includes a list of the facilities would remain confidential.


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