March 8, 2021

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Iran growing independent in all areas: IRGC Chief

On the sidelines of Science and Technology Fighters Festival, Salami said that country, besides the necessities of advancement, there are great potentials in science, industry, economy and technology spaces, as reported by IRNA political correspondent.

“Our foes are working to close all windows to Iranians need for development. By the endeavor made by out wise youth, however, […] we can see that today many of products previously imported from abroad, making us dependent to other countries, are now being manufactured domestically,” the IRGC chief added.

Highlighting the ongoing development in Iran, Salami stated, “We are cutting all sorts of dependence. Sanctions [slapped by the US] comprise a great historic opportunity of Iranians, not only at this juncture, but also for all the future history of Iran.”

Sanction has served as a trigger for motivation, faith and beliefs of Iranians to create a real struggle in the society to remove all sorts of dependence, according to the military official.

“We are different from all other countries in the globe. We are under global sanctions and no one intends to help us. Our friends, at best, try not to be feuding. No one helps the country to stand on its feet.”

The chief IRGC commander also underlined that the movement among the youth to strengthen domestic manufacturing was not limited to common products, but it also embraced the most complex components and machines the country is in need of.

The Fifth Virtual National Festival of Science and Technology along with and exhibition of achievements by Basiji forces in the science and technology spheres was launched today with the presence of General Salami and GholamReza Soleimani, commander of Basij Organization.

160 proposals were introduced in the festival on several fields, including healthcare, agriculture, defense, electronics, chemistry and petrochemical industry. 90 percent of proposals have reached production phase, according to the festival authorities.


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