March 4, 2021

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Grossi’s Iran visit, an opportunity for diplomacy

In the article by Reza Faraji-Raad, a geopolitical affairs university professor, we read: The existing signs from both sides show that neither Iran, nor the European sides and America favor fomenting greater tension in Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), all believing that the nuclear deal problems need to be resolved through the diplomatic channel. Yet, both sides demand that the other side should take the first step, and in other words, retreat first.

We strongly believe both from the legal and form the political points of the view at this scene it is America that must feel committed to make up for the past four years’ unfavorable events.

That is because Iran had always remained fully committed to its JCPOA obligations prior to Trump’s unilateral US exit of it. Now at such an atmosphere, Mr. Grossi ties to pursue with the project of giving diplomacy more time.

In this respect, the EU, too, is seriously harmonious with the IEAA chief. The recent days’ developments, including Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi’s comment that the UN nuclear watchdog’s supervision capability has decreased between 20 to 30% after Iran implemented the Parliament’s ratification to end sanctions, but it seems as if the IAEA chief will not leave Tehran empty-handed.

That is because it seems like Iran’s tactic at this time era for implementation of the Parliament’s law is both sending a message of resistance and decreasing commitments, but meanwhile not closing all the doors for possible future developments.

That is because Iran’s top priority presently is refraining from further fomenting of tension and not resorting to extremist moves. Proof for that is that when Trump during the past months of his rule at the White House resorted to highly intriguing, and sometimes quite silly moves in the region, Iran showed maximum restraint, knowing well that tension at this time is quite fruitless. Yet, sending a message of weakness to the other side has been cunningly always avoided.

Now the preparations for holding an unofficial meeting in Europe in the presence of all sides are being arranged. Iran, too, is pondering on deciding whether or not to attend that meeting.

One of the most special characteristics of Mr. Grossi’s ongoing visit is contributing to the successful convening of that meeting, including receiving a logical and constructive response from Iran, on certainty of its presence there.

Iran will definitely send three messages thru Mr. Grossi to JCPOA sides: the first message is insisting strongly that the decreasing of commitments will continue so long as the JCPOA benefits, especially in sanctions’ field and Iranian economy are not seen at all. The second one is that Iran, too, like the other sides, keeps on giving time for success of diplomacy.

But the third message, that is the most important one, is that the time given to diplomacy is not unlimited, and therefore the EU and the US can no longer keep on killing time and hesitating for doing what they were originally expected to do.

At the upcoming unofficial EU meeting, too, the same atmosphere of lack of trust will prevail and steps need to be taken decrease that and achieve the require mutual trust.

Europe strongly needs to mediate in that trust-building process and the technical moves made by Mr. Grossi are closely monitored both in Europe and in America with that point in mind.

Message of Iran’s logical demand that America should take the first step, too, is well-heard, and the other side of the message is that the Islamic Republic is also ready for other scenarios, if necessary.


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