March 6, 2021

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Biden to set out his foreign policy in state dept speech – live updates

All eyes yesterday were on what action House Republicans would take against Liz Cheney and rightwing extremist Marjorie Taylor Greene. Lauren Gambino reports:

Liz Cheney, the third-most powerful Republican in the House of Representatives, easily beat back an effort by far-right conservatives to oust her from her leadership post as payback for her vote last month to impeach Donald Trump.

At the same time, the Republican House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, declined to take any action against the Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has a record of embracing extremist views and conspiracy theories, and who tomorrow will face a vote that could strip her of her committee assignments.

“It’s just an example: this Republican party is a very big tent,” McCarthy told reporters after the tense, hours-long meeting on Wednesday night, which culminated in a secret ballot vote to retain Cheney. “Everybody is invited in.”

House Republicans take no action on extremist Greene after saying she denounced QAnon – video

According to several accounts of the marathon House Republican meeting, billed as a “family discussion”, dozens of Republicans took turns admonishing Cheney for her impeachment vote. By contrast, Greene, a devotee of the antisemitic conspiracy theory QAnon, who, prior to her election, indicated support for executing Democratic politicians, received a standing ovation from some members after a brief speech, in which she apologized for her past remarks.

Despite her apparent contrition, Greene has remained unapologetic in public.

Read more of Lauren Gambino’s report here: Republicans take no action against Cheney or extremist Greene after vote

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