January 21, 2021

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Iran’s response to any aggression harsh, severe: Cmdr

Rear-Admiral Ali Reza Tangsisri who was speaking for the brave naval forces of IRGCN on Monday evening in Bandar Abbas on the 5th anniversary of arresting the American Navy sailors on Jan 11, 2015 reiterated that the events on that historical day were all by grace of God, which is the noteworthy point made by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution (Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei).
“Five years ago two American boats carrying ten armed musketeers heading for Bahrain approached the five-mile distance of Iran’s Farsi island on their way, which is the territorial waters of the Islamic Republic, and although there were two super-carriers of the United States and France and five other foreign midgets in the region, the aggressor US boats were arrested by the brave IRGCN forces,” said the commander.
Rear-Admiral Tangsiri thanked God that the entire armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran have reached greater than sufficient strength under the wise leadership of Imam Khamenei, that is a great pride not only for the brave Iranian nation, but also for many oppressed nations around the globe.
“God willing, we will in our Jihad in Allah’s way, relying on grace of Him and while preserving our Islamic identity, and by gaining further combat might, will create greater pride and prestige for the brave Iranian nation,” concluded Rear-Admiral Tangsiri.


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