March 4, 2021

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Future of energy & diversity in Iran

Mehdi Hosseini, senior expert in energy, in a writing published by Iranian official newspaper “IRAN” on Sunday said Iran has remarkable capacities in all energy fields, from oil and gas to renewable energy and hydrogen.  

Iran has 365 days in a year to make use of renewable energy, Hosseini has said.

The expert said he believes that there are considerable opportunities in Iran for fostering oil and gas development.

If development in gas fields proceeds adequately and energy consumption pattern improves, the future will be bright, he noted.

Experts believe that Iran through development of its oil and gas fields has the capacity of producing seven million bpd crude oil.

Also, there is a potential capacity of producing 500 million cubic meters of natural gas in Iran that should be materialized soon.

So, the future of energy in Iran depends on the decision being made today.

The country should focus on development of resources and management of energy consumption; and in this way, national interests should be on the agenda for adopting the policies on energy.


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