November 27, 2020

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Veteran diplomat urges Biden to use language of respect with Iran

Speaking in an exclusively interview with IRNA, Moayyeri said that Biden has a better understanding of Iran than Trump did.

Although the US pressures and sanctions created some hardship for Iran, they failed to make Iran retreat and change its principled policies, the veteran diplomat said.

He said that Trump’s poor performance in handling the US domestic affairs and foreign relations were the main factors leading to his defeat in the recent presidential election.

Trump only sought the US interests, and to put it bullying and unilateralism, Moayyeri said, adding that this approach caused the US president to pull out from all the agreements and treaties the United States used to be a participant to them – from Paris Climate Change Agreement to Iran nuclear deal.

He said that the Iranian nation will never forget the hostility of Trump administration and therefore it is necessary for the next US president is expected not to continue the wrong way of the predecessor.

He noted that while Iran was in dire need for medicine and medical equipment due to the global spread of the coronavirus disease, Trump administration escalated sanctions on the country to prevent Tehran’s access to the emergency and humanitarian supplies.  


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