May 19, 2021

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Khaf-Herat railroad connects Afghanistan to Europe

Abbas Khatibi told IRNA on Saturday that the important Khaf-Herat railway project will be inaugurated on December 10-12.

Once inaugurated, the project will, in addition to Europe, connect Afghanistan to Central Asian states, the Caucasus and even Iraq, he said.

Afghanistan is a landlocked country and the government is seriously pursuing inauguration of the railway project, he said, noting that it is also keen to extend it from Herat to Mazar-e-Sharif in northern Afghanistan to continue the railway to the Hairatan border with Uzbekistan, connecting wider areas of Afghanistan to China via Uzbekistan rail network.

This railway project will not be limited to linking the Iranian city of Khaf to Herat, Afghanistan, or connection of two neighboring countries, but its completion is an important part of the east-west railway corridor with a length of about 2,000 km, involving China, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and Europe.


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