August 6, 2021

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Iranian director to restage “When Hamlet Was Killed” in Tehran 

TEHRAN – Director Masud Tayyebi plans to restage “When Hamlet Was Killed by Macbeth’s Witches” in Tehran.

“Members of the troupe Mise en Scene are doing rehearsals for the public performances and they are asked to cancel all their other unnecessary social activities to avoid any possible chance of getting infected with coronavirus and decrease the risk of the disease in the group,” Tayyebi has said.

“The play is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s popular plays ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Macbeth’, with a glance at modern life,” he said.

Tayyebi who is also active as a theater instructor said that the formation of a mental and technical structure in an actor requires a good education. 

“Before the outbreak of coronavirus, the public education of the students of theater was not satisfactory and the interest of students in university courses such as stage directing and acting were facing decline and this has become worse after the pandemic,” he added.
He said, “Since there has been no appropriate educational infrastructure in the virtual world, instructors cannot teach properly, while practical lessons cannot be held due to the spike of coronavirus. And we need to find solutions to this problem.”

“I dare say we cannot expect a bright generation for the theater of the country unless a good program is set up, including proper usage of the virtual world and finding new solutions to make better use of technology,” he concluded.

The play “When Hamlet Was killed by Macbeth’s Witches” was staged at the Iranian Artists Forum earlier in 2017. 

Tayyebi has staged numerous plays by Iranian and foreign writers.   

In 2016, he staged “Galileo’s Battle” at Molavi Hall in Tehran based on German writer Eugen Bertolt Friedrich Brecht’s “Life of Galileo”.

He also directed “Sing in the Mist”, a play by foremost Iranian writer Abar Radi, at Tehran’s Sangelaj Theater in 2018.

Photo: A member of director Masud Tayyebi troupe performs “When Hamlet Was killed by Macbeth’s Witches” at the Iranian Artists Forum in 2017. (Reza Javidi)


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