November 26, 2020

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Iran Army Commander: All Air Force missions fully accomplished in drills

“It is natural when we say we are prepared to confront any threats at any level and if the US leaders make a miscalculation, we will stand against them with all our power,” Major General Mousavi said.

Force ended two-day massive wargames, codenamed Eqtedar Havayee Fadayian Harim-e Velayat, in the Central parts of the country on Tuesday.

Iran’s Su-24 fighter jets had successfully destroyed hypothetical enemy targets by firing 500-kilogram smart missiles in the first day of the massive drills,.

The strategic Sukhoi-24 bomber fighters of the Iranian Air Force which carried different types of home-made optimized and pin-pointing 500kg missiles, destroyed the ground targets, including the radars of hypothetical enemy, during the wargames, Spokesman of the drills Brigadier General Farhad Goudarzi said on Monday.

The RF-4 planes of the Iranian Army Air Force carried out reconnaissance operations and conducted imaging over the wargames’ zone during the massive drills underway in the Central parts of Iran.

The F-14 fighters also successfully carried out aerial refueling operations from the Boeing 707 refueling tankers during the wargames.


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