November 22, 2020

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FM spokesman: Iran trying hard to resolve regional conflicts

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman made the remarks during his weekly press conference.

Noting that the region can no longer tolerate crisis and war, Khatibzadeh said that Iran has always sought to resolve the crises in the region through peaceful means.  

On a 25-year strategic agreement between Iran and China, he said that this will be a roadmap agreement and it is natural that both countries would have serious concerns about the document.

As soon as the two sides agree on the text of the agreement, it will be publicized, the spokesman said.

He expressed hope that, with the determination of both Iran and China, they will soon reach an agreement on the terms of the document.  

When asked to comment on the future of relations between Iran and the US, Khatibzadeh said that it will not be an easy issue to determine as the US governments over the past forty years have committed many different crimes against the Iranian nation.  

He said that these crimes were neither simple nor can be forgotten.

On reports by certain foreign media which claim that Abu Muhsin al-Masri, the second-in-command of Al-Qaeda terrorist group, has been assassinated in Iran, the spokesman said the such reports are fake and aimed ignoring the blame on those countries that formed al-Qaeda and continue to strengthen the terrorist group today.  

It is evident to everyone that how Iran has paid for the fight against these terrorist groups and is still fighting them, he said.


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