November 24, 2020

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Jahangiri: Special group formed to remove obstacles to manufacturing sector

Jahangiri said that the task group will work to help materialize guidelines of the Supreme Leader to create “Production Leap” to bolster national economy and thwart impacts of the US arbitrary sanctions.

Jahangiri said that regulating the procedure for the manufacturing sector will help boost national output.

He said that the integrated regulations for the manufacturing sector will be useful to remove the obstacles to boost national output and the shortage of manufacturing outputs will end.

The Production Leap will serve to supply enough goods to the market bringing better conditions for the people giving preference to domestic production.

Referring to exports as one of the main sectors of the economy, he said that exports are very useful to national economy and create jobs in addition to bringing foreign currencies under the current circumstances.

Jahangiri hoped that the decisions of the task group which is formed upon order of the Supreme Leader and approved by the heads of the three branches of Government, would be effective.


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