November 27, 2020

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Iran official urges OIC to follow Ulema’s views normalization of ties with Israel

Today’s Islamic World is facing challenged like ignorance, disunion, violence, extremism, occupation, murder, crimes, and annoying the innocent and the suppressed in the name of religion while religion is far away from such things, said Ebrahimi-Torkman in the consultative meeting of the OIC in Turkey, stressing silence before the Arrogance is betrayal to the Islamic World.

Ebrahimi-Torkman said that such moves are done by terrorist groups that are being supported by the World Arrogance of the US and Zionists in order to tarnish the face of Islam and to deviate Islamic principles.

He added that the World Arrogance is pursuing Islamophobia and Iranophobia and international organization’s silence in this regard will help arrogant countries continue their oppression.

Countering such challenges needs cooperation between the member states of the IOC, he said, adding that audio, visual, and print media, as well as academic and religious institutes, of the Islamic countries need to shoulder the responsibility and the role of the religious scholar’s will be more effective than others.

Calling Palestine “the joint issue of the Islamic World”, he said silence of the international organization against the oppression of the Arrogance is betrayal to the cause of Palestine.

Ebrahimi-Torkman went on to say that the road map depicted by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei should be used to solve the issue: one, the Palestinian refugees need to return to their motherland; two, holding an election with participation of the original people of Palestine, including Muslims, Christians and Jews; three, establishment of political system elected by the majority; four, the new government’s deciding about the other residents of Palestine that are not considered the original people.

Referring to President Hassan Rouhani’s proposal about a world free of violence and extremism, he hoped that the idea will materialize with all countries contribution.

He expressed Iran’s readiness to help the members of the IOC to create a bright future for the Islamic community.


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