December 3, 2020

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Iran Has No Interest in Interfering in US Election, Tehran’s UN Mission Spokesman Says

“Unlike the US, Iran does not interfere in other country’s elections. The world has been witnessing US’s own desperate public attempts to question the outcome of its own elections at the highest level,” Miryousefi was quoted by ABC News,

The spokesman wrote off the accusations as part of a campaign to undercut voter confidence in the electoral process and called o authorities to end the dangerous accusations.

“Iran has no interest in interfering in the US election and no preference for the outcome. The US must end its malign and dangerous accusations against Iran,” Miryousefi went on to say.

Earlier in the day, US Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe said in a press conference that Iran and Russia have obtained US voter information and may attempt to cause confusion, sow chaos and undermine voters’ confidence.

Debates over the infallibility of the electoral process have been increasingly heated in the runup to the November 3 election, with Republican figures calling into question mail-in ballots, use of falsely labelled ballot boxes to siphon early cast votes in California among other methods.

Both Iran and Russia have repeatedly denied accusations of seeking to tamper in US elections.

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