December 3, 2020

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Are you watching, Donald? Iran sends US warning with terrifying military stunt

Iran’s conventional military conducted a joint operation with the elite Revolutionary Guards to showcase its arsenal of destructive air defence weapons. In a drill known as Guardians of the Sky Velayat-99, the combined forces took part in simulated aerial war games.

During the first stage of the operation yesterday, advanced missile and radar systems were deployed to protect Iranian airspace from attack.

Second Brigadier General Abbas Farajpour, spokesman for the joint command, said the drill aimed to “prevent any encroachment, aggression or encroachment on the country’s air borders and ensure the security of the skies of Islamic Iran for all aircraft flying in the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Among the weapons on display was a Tabas medium-range missile and the 15th Khordad air defence system – which possesses a range of 75miles (120km).

General Farajpour said: “These systems are constantly upgrading and increasing operational capabilities.”

The military chief warned Iran had more weapons in store “that will surprise the enemies”.

The weapons produced in Tehran are now able to be sold around world after UN sanctions were lifted.

A 2007 Security Council arms embargo on Iran expired over the weekend.

Terms of the sanctions also formed part of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which sought to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons in return for economic sanctions relief.

When asked whether the US would target Russia and China with its own sanctions if they refuse to introduce the UN measures back onto Iran, he said: “Absolutely.”

Mr Pompeo added: “We have already done that, where we have seen any country violate the current American sanctions, we’ve held every nation accountable for that.

“We’ll do the same thing with respect to the broader UN Security Council sanctions as well.”

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