May 19, 2021

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Afghanistan calls for expansion of economic ties with Iran

TEHRAN – Chairman of Afghan Peace Council Abdullah Abdullah said on Monday that there are great potentials for economic cooperation between Iran and Afghanistan and called for the expansion of trade ties, the portal of Iranian Energy Ministry (Paven) reported.

Speaking in a joint press conference with the Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian, who is also the chairman of Iran-Afghanistan Joint Economic Committee, Abdullah Abdullah said there are favorable grounds and capacities for the expansion of mutual cooperation, and the establishment of the two countries’ joint economic committee has been a positive step in this direction.

Abdullah noted that the two governments emphasize on accelerating mutual efforts between the two sides, adding: “Given the needs of the Afghan people and the good capacities that exist, we will have a very good future, especially with the realization of peace in Afghanistan.”

The official also mentioned the two countries plans for cooperation in the field of renewable energies in the border between Iran and Afghanistan and said: “The issue of energy production in the wind corridor on the border of the two countries is one of the issues that will be further discussed during the Iranian energy minister’s future visits to Kabul.”

“All the necessary research studies have been done in this regard,” he added.

Pointing to the limited capacity of the electricity network in Afghanistan, Abdullah said: “These are issues that the two sides must agree on, and if things go well, there is a possibility that it [the joint wind farm on the border of the two countries] will become operational.”

Regarding the construction of the Khaf-Herat railway and its role in the development of economic cooperation between the two countries, he said: “This project has reached the final stage and preparations are being made for its opening in the coming weeks; it is hoped that this will be done and have a positive impact on all economic areas.”

Abdullah said: “We are well prepared for holding the two countries’ upcoming Joint Economic Committee meeting and we hope to achieve practical results after the meeting, including electricity transmission, preferential tariffs, customs issues and Make progress in other areas as well.”


Photo: Chairman of Afghan Peace Council Abdullah Abdullah (R) and Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian

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