September 23, 2020

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Trump Says Iran ‘Dying’ to Make Deal With US

“They are dying to make a deal but they want to see what happens in the election,” Trump told FOX News.

Under his administration, the US withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions. Trump claimed that he will be able to negotiate a new agreement in one month.

“It will be a really good deal for the United States, because they have no choice. If Biden gets in they will take our guts out,” he said.

Ahead of a ceremony at the White House, where the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will sign peace agreements with Israel, Trump said that a lot of other countries in the Middle East are in negotiations to participate in US-brokered deals and ultimately time will come for the Palestinians.

“When we start getting the rest of the countries in, they will come to the table – one hundred percent. They are actually getting to a point where they are going to want to make a deal,” he added.

The Palestinians reject US peace initiatives as Israeli-biased and denounce the UAE and Bahrain for eroding a common Arab position, which offered normalisation to Israel as a reward for withdrawing from the occupied territories.

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