September 20, 2020

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Switzerland says firm to enhance tourism and science ties with Iran after Covid-19 is over

The Swiss foreign minister says his country is determined to expand tourism and science relations with Iran after the end of the Coronavirus pandemic.

 In a meeting with the governor of Isfahan on Saturday, Ignazio Cassis said, “Tomorrow in Tehran, in an official meeting, we will commemorate the 100 years of joint diplomatic activity between Iran and Switzerland.”

He noted, “Relations between Iran and Switzerland dates back to 100 years since the late 19th century with the signing of peace and trade agreement.”

The foreign minister added, “Peace and trade are two important factors in the development of countries and we are here today to say that Switzerland has always sought peace and tranquility.”

Referring to Switzerland’s mediating role between Iran and the United States, Cassis stated, “Switzerland’s effort is to establish a dialogue between the two countries.”

Cassis also said, “Before the trip to Tehran and official meeting with Iran’s president and foreign minister, I wanted to visit Mr. Zarif’s hometown, and today I visited a corner of the beauties of Isfahan.”

Noting that Isfahan is known as “half of the world”, he said,  “Although I have not seen one-hundredth of the beauties of Isfahan during my visit, I would like to clarify that Isfahan is a wonderful and exceptional city.”

Swiss Foreign Minister went on to say, “I believe that the excellent relations between Iran and Switzerland will be developed after Corona in the direction of scientific and tourism relations.”

Cassis arrived in Isfahan on Saturday and met with a number of university officials and professors after visiting the city’s historical and cultural heritage sites.

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