September 23, 2020

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Russian envoy: IAEA BoG meeting on Iran proves US isolation

“For the second time today the #IAEA BG addresses the Iranian nuclear programme. This time under a separate agenda item on #NPT safeguards. In fact this is about access to 2 sites in #Iran- the issue which was successfully settled during visit of DG R.Grossi to Tehran last month,” Ulyanov wrote in his Twitter account.

“The discussion in #IAEA Board of Governors on verification in #Iran proved once again that #US is practically fully isolated on this matter on the international scene,” he added.

“Discussions in the #IAEA Board of Governors confirms that practically nobody takes seriously ridiculous attempts of US to present itself as a self-proclaimed #JCPOA participant,”he said in a separate meeting, adding: “Washington deprived itself of this status in 2018, when it withdrew from the nuclear deal.”

“The 4 major points in the discussion in #IAEA Board of Governors on verification in #Iran : support to the Agency; support to the nuclear deal which must be preserved; the need for Iran to come back to full implementation; regret over US position,” he noted.

“#IAEA Board of Governors started consideration of the report on verification in #Iran in the light of UNSC res.2231. The tone is positive.  EU even stronger articulated support to the nuclear deal. E-3 reiterated their negative position on snapback. Discussion continues,” he reiterated.


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