September 19, 2020

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Qalibaf: Nations never surrender to enemies’ conspiracy

Referring to the importance of Iran and Iraq parliaments’ activities in the development of the countries, Qalibaf said that members of the Parliament can create the ground for people’s satisfaction by closely monitoring the implementation of the laws, and achieving this will be a factor of unity.

Pointing to the characteristics of governance in the Islamic society, he added, “If the authorities of countries, especially Muslim countries, perform their duties well, the enemies’ conspiracies will undoubtedly be thwarted.”

He emphasized that if the presence and role of people and nations become strong, governments will also become strong, and said, “Accordingly, if today it is observed that some governments are trying to normalize relations with the Zionist regime under the pressure of arrogant tyrants, their nations should be paid attention because the people of these countries are not willing to tolerate the domination of the arrogant.”

The speaker praised the Iraqi parliament’s decision to withdraw the United States from Iraq and called it an important step.


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