September 27, 2020

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Official: Iran to accelerate trade with Turkey

Speaking with Turkey’s Deputy Minister of Customs and Trade Riza Tuna Turagay via a joint video conference, Mahdi Mir Ashrafi expressed readiness for holding border meeting in Bazargan-Gorbolagh border and implementing the pilot plan of the technical final project for exchanging customs information.  

He added that Iranian customs also suggested following up the possibility of electronic inquiry of the certificate of origin from the relevant Turkish authorities.

Mir Ashrafi noted that Iran Customs Administration is ready to sign MoU on implementing the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) and green corridor.

He went on to say that increasing the capacity of accepting trucks in Gorbolagh customs and also increasing the capacity in Esendere.

Mir Ashrafi said the Turkish side has started accepting 120 people per day in the Esendere border since August 14.

He added that 110 trucks move toward Turkey per day and 50 ones move toward Iran.

Elaborating on Iranian drivers’ dissatisfaction over services provided and health conditions in Gorbolagh border, he said the issue is being addressed by the Turkish deputy economy minister.

He went on to say that the Turkish side suggested lifting the ban on the import of 68 items which are subject to Iran’s preferential tariff for Turkey.

They also requested for finalizing phase 3 of the e-TIR project and facilitating its implementation.


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