October 22, 2020

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Netanyahu Not Ruling Out Preemptive Strike Against Iran

Israel has not ruled out a preemptive strike against Iran,  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned during a memorial service on Tuesday for those who fell in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

“A preemptive strike is a difficult thing to do. I know that if Iran wants to base itself in the North, we are ready to fight them. This is a direct lesson of the Yom Kippur War,” noted Netanyahu, asserting that they “will do everything in order to protect the State of Israel; we are not ruling out a preliminary strike.”

The prime minister went on to ponder on “the power on our side,” saying it is the one “that brought peace with Jordan, Egypt, agreements with the UAE and Bahrain.” “The power that will bring peace with additional states. The power and perseverance will allow us to handle the coronavirus crisis,” Netanyahu went on.

During the memorial, President Reuven Rivlin warned that the “surprise that was our lot” in the war must in no way be forgotten or repeated in either healthcare, or the economic sphere.

In mid-August, the Israeli premier slammed the UN Security Council’s decision to not allow an extension of the arms embargo on Iran as “scandalous”, adding that Tel Aviv will continue to cooperate closely with its ally the United States to repel what he referred to as “Iranian aggression”.


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