September 19, 2020

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Illegal US sanctions have done a lot of damage to Iranian people: Envoy

Hamid Reza Oluomi-Yazdi, also head of the Presidential Center for International Legal Affairs, said that all sectors of Iran’s economy, including oil and gas and finance and banking have been affected by the cruel US sanctions, which have inflicted financial and non-financial losses on the Iranian people and companies.

He recalled that information and documents relating to the amount of damages will be provided to the court in the later stages of the proceedings, saying that despite the court’s interim injunction, the US has failed to remove barriers and sanctions related to the export of food, medicine and medical equipment and still does not follow the court’s order.

Sanctions and the resulting damage are in conflict with various US obligations under the 1955 Convention, he said.

In an address to the head and judges of the Hague court, the representative of the Iranian government said that it now has a historic opportunity to stand by international law and the international community against the US government’s unilateralism and illegality, and reject the US’ baseless protests and enter the substantive investigation of this important case.

The second hearing on Iran’s complaint against Washington with The Hague started late on Wednesday for violation of the 1955 Treaty of Amity by the US.

This stage of the case will be held in four sessions, and the third and fourth sessions will be held next Friday and Monday.


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