September 18, 2020

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Deaths at work in Iran half the global average

Talking to IRNA on Friday, Hatam Shakarami said that protecting the workforce means ensuring the safety of working conditions in a way that maintains the health of the workforce.

Surge in production and promoting productivity in workplaces will not be materialized in the absence of efficient and healthy workforce, he said, noting that all the existing capacities were used to prepare the work environment for a healthy activity and achieve the goals of the firms.

The latest statistics show that the average accident rate leading to deaths in workplaces in the world is about 11% per 100,000 workers, 13% in Asia and 3% in Europe, 5% in the United States, 5.5% in Australia and 17% in Africa, he said, noting that the figure in Iran is 5.5 percent, that is to say the condition in Iran is better than those in Africa and Asia, as well as global average.


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