September 19, 2020

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Booking Tehran’s hotels with free cancelation during Coronavirus pandemic

Each summer there’s a huge increase in domestic travels and hotel reservations in Iran.

However, the summer of 1399 has been very different. This year, regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, the terms and circumstances of traveling has somewhat changed.

Having to find a hotel approved by the ministry of health and the cancelation fees, are a few challenges that this summer’s travelers are facing.

Hotel Yar, a credible reservation website, has now made it possible for you to take a look at all of Iran’s hotels and also get a list of the hotels approved by the M.H.O

To continue, it should be pointed out that these days due to the global pandemic the cancelation rates are increasing and each person is canceling their hotel reservation for their own personal reasons.

Meanwhile,Hotel Yar reservation system has decided to waive cancelation fees for a period of one month( 28thof Tir until 28th of Mordad 1399)that makes HotelYar the only system that is waiving cancelation fees because of the current situation.

These are a few advantages of using a valid reservation website like Hotel Yar. The following list will show you what features a valid reservation website must have:

Giving you a list of hotels approved by the Ministry Of Health

In today’s world providing a list like this must be a necessity for reservation websites.HotelYar not only has a list of Iran’s top hotels it also has printed a list of hotels that are approved by M.O.H.

Changing the date of reservation

For your, convenience HotelYar has made it possible for you to change the date of your reservation.

This means that during times like this you can cancel or change your reservation if facing a problem- like getting infected by the Coronavirus- and of course, there’s no fees for any of it.

It’s worth to mention that this of course will cost HotelYar more but your well being and health is more important.

Waiving cancelation fees

This feature gives you the ability to choose and book any hotel that you like and cancel your reservation if a problem arises.

These types of options usually help travelers in facing unpredicted problems; like regretting booking hotels minutes after you made the reservation.

But now with HotelYar offering this feature of “no cancelation fees” you can easily make your reservation.

Having  a phone app

Today a lot of our daily tasks are done via our cell phones. Booking a hotel can be one of them.HotelYar has been able to offer its services to you 24/7 with its phone app.

This app is one of the most serviceable and thorough ones in its field. You can find the top hotels in every city and book them right away!

Offering special discounts

One of the items that really shows just how much a system cares for its customers is giving multiple discounts.HotelYar has proven that customer satisfaction is a necessity for success, by offering considerable daily discounts.

These discounts are not offered by the hotels themselves of course.

Comparing hotels

Hotel comparison is one of the features of a suitable reservation system.

With this option available not only can you choose easier,you can also read reviews of previous guests.

This helps you choose the hotel you want more accurately.

Booking Iran’s hotels for free

HotelYar has considered a number of bonuses for users with a high reservation rate on their panels to gain customer satisfaction.

One of their irrefutable offers is free hotel booking. This sounds just too good of a deal to be true. Right?!

Every user, considering their reservation rate, can book a hotel of their choice in Iran. You can take charge of reserving hotels for your family members and get a higher rate that way.

Staying at a luxury hotel is no longer a dream

In the past few years staying at prestigious hotels has become more of a reality, thanks to HotelYar reservation system.

Due to HotelYar’s pricings, you can often experience staying at a luxury hotel for the price of a 3star hotel.

Final thought…

It’s safe to say that booking a hotel via a valid and credible website has a fair amount of benefits and advantages.

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