September 18, 2020

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‘Iran energy exports to Iraq not affected by US deals’

Iran says its supply of energy to Iraq won’t be impacted by recent deals between Baghdad and the US.
Iran’s Oil Ministry says supply of energy to the neighboring Iraq won’t be impacted by recent deals signed in Washington between Iraqi and US officials.

A statement issued on Thursday said that Iran’s supply of natural gas to Iraq is expected to stabilize and even grow in the upcoming years as Iran keeps injecting more investment into infrastructure projects in western regions bordering Iraq.

The statement, which came in response to claims that growing US-Iraqi energy cooperation may affect Iran’s gas and electricity exports to the Arab country, said Tehran respects Iraq’s right to reduce its reliance on foreign suppliers as it plans to develop its own energy sector.

The statement said, however, that gas exports to Iraq had increased substantially over the past three years to reach 50 million cubic meters a day despite repeated attempts by Washington to pressure the Iraqis over the issue.

“Definitely, the Oil Ministry and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran would spare no effort to develop relations with Iraq considering the long-term national interests,” said the statement.

Iraq and the US signed $8 billion worth of energy contracts during a recent visit to Washington by the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi.

A main focus of the deals is to enable Iraq to develop its untapped gas reserves and recover the huge amount of flare gas that it burns during production of oil.

Iraq has declared on multiple occasions that it would be impossible for the Arab country to wean itself off the Iranian energy at least for the upcoming years.

Authorities in Baghdad believe the supply of electricity and natural gas from Iran, with the latter also being used to run power plants, is key to maintaining social and political stability in the country.

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