July 14, 2020

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Iran: World should listen to Americans crying for justice

TEHRAN – Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi has reacted to recent protests in the United States, stressing that all of the countries around the world should listen to American people crying for justice.

Mousavi referred to injustice and discrimination as a part of American society’s reality since the time of slavery to this date, highlighting that the Americans now outcry their innocence which has been suffocated and suppressed for centuries.

Stressing the fact that the Islamic Republic’s policy is not aimed at interfering in other country’s internal affairs, Mousavi said injustice, cruelty, and discrimination against the people of the given country can obviously be seen in recent U.S. developments.

“Therefore, Iran as an independent justice-seeking system cannot be indifferent to protesters’ voice and witness the loss of the rights of the people who have been under U.S. oppression.” the spokesman noted.

He also expressed the hope that the cry of grief for the American people would pay off and that the U.S. government, which has always acted as a proponent of human rights and peace in the counties, would follow its slogans and release the American people and allow them to breathe.  

The death of George Floyd, 46, a black man who died on 25 May after he was pinned down by a white Minnesota police officer, has sparked outrage and protests in Minneapolis, across the United States, and around the world and shows the U.S.’s old problems, namely human rights violation, police brutality and racism especially against African Americans.

Original News : https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/448714/Iran-World-should-listen-to-Americans-crying-for-justice

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