August 16, 2022

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Zanjan province exports $1.2m of handicrafts

TEHRAN – Handicrafts exports from Zanjan province reached some $1.2 million during the previous Iranian calendar year 1398 (ended March 20), CHTN reported.

Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Oman and some European countries were the main importers during the period, provincial tourism chief Amir Arjmand said on Sunday. 

“Zanjan’s handicraft products are a source of income, employment and development for the province, as well as a great opportunity to enter global markets,” he added.

In late January, Zanjan was designated as a “world city of filigree” by the World Crafts Council after the WCC assessors visited various craft workshops, stores, exhibits and bazaars of city in a two-day itinerary in last December.

Filigree consists of curling, twisting, or plaiting fine, pliable metal threads and soldering them at their points of contact with each other with a metal groundwork.


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