December 10, 2023

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Writers praise debut Persian novel “Roni Has Swallowed a Piano”

TEHRAN – Iranian writer Teimur Aqamohammadi’s debut novel “Roni Has Swallowed a Piano” has been praised by his other colleague book writers.

The book published by Sureh-Mehr Publications tells the story of the teenage girl Ronika who shares many joint concerns with girls of her own age. Roni can stand on her own and can deal with all the problems in her life all alone.

Writer Hamidreza Shahabadi, who is also the manager of Madreseh Publications, a publisher of school books, has said that the book is one of the best he has read about the young adults. 

Writer Jafar Tozendehjani said that he has hardly found any young adult book that presents a realistic image of an Iranian teenager, and called it “a different novel, which involves the readers and will never be forgotten.”

Writer Ali-Asghar Ezzatipak said he has been fascinated by the form of narration in the story and its unique domination over the mind and language of a teenager. 

Writer Meysam Musavian also believes that Roni is a character who will not be forgotten and will remain as part of any one’s fiction memory.

Photo: Front Cover of Teimur Aqamohammadi’s debut novel “Roni Has Swallowed a Piano”.

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