December 10, 2023

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US has no right to veto Iran’s application for IMF loan, vice president says

In a video talk with CNN’s Christian Amanpour on Tuesday, he added that IMF’s policy is to act fairly in assessing and approving loan applications.

In its request to the IMF, Iran has called for immediate funding, which is an automatic means that governments and countries have the right to use when they need, he said, adding that Iran is a founding member of the entity and has a good financial performance, and this international body must do what is expected of it.

Dismissing rumors that Iran’s loan application had been rejected, the vice president said that Iran’s request is under consideration and many countries have supported it.

“When we are grappling with the spread of a disease worldwide, it is important to understand that if the disease is not controlled in one part of the world, we are actually helping to spread it to other parts of the world. So this is not an internal issue; rather it is a global issue,” he pointed out.

“We have a global problem with no global solution. Now is the time for cooperation, not to start new fights and prevent a country from gaining access to medical supplies. We are all sitting in the same boat,” Nahavandian said.

Referring to US sanctions’ adverse impacts on Iran’s fight against coronavirus, he said that in Iran, the problems in battling the virus are twofold, and the reason is the imposition of additional transaction costs. The US’ claim that sanctions do not include food and medicine is wrong.

Reacting to US’ offering to aid Iran and its rejection by Iran, he said that the words and deeds of the United States must be consistent with each other. You cannot stop a country from getting access to medical supplies, medicine and food, and at the same time declare that you are ready to help.

Before they can help, they need to remove all obstacles to normal business, whether it’s food and medical supplies or trade in any other field. The first step is not sending small packages of medicine, but the first step should be the actual lifting of sanctions, the official said.

Describing the process of controlling the disease in the country as promising, Nahavandian said that data show that some provinces have left behind the peak of the disease.


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