December 3, 2023

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Tunisian activists, lawyers condemn US sanctions on Iran

They showed their discontent with the sanctions on Iran despite the international community’s condemning them, wrote Alahed news website.

Referring to the international demands to remove the sanctions on Iran, Khalid Shaukat, a previous minister in Tunisia, told Alahed that taking into consideration the current tough times, such punishments are unacceptable by international rules and humanitarian regulations now.

Shaukat said the threat of the spread of coronavirus should unite humanity and all countries, especially the superpowers, should move away from the anti-humanitarian policy of pressure and sanctions because such policies impede fight against the virus.

Stressing the necessity to increase cooperation between the Islamic states, including Iran and Tunisia, he said all the Arab World and humankind should and their cooperation under the supervision of the United Nations and the regional organizations.

He added no country can fight coronavirus single-handedly and Iran and Tunisia should cooperate to fight the virus and use the chance to expand bilateral relations.

According to the same report, Salah al-Dawoodi, a professor from Tunisia, said that the US sanctions on Iran have had different forms in the past few decades – military invasion, soft war, and media war – in order to bring Iran to its knees because it is the arrowhead of the war against the Zionist regime.

He said that Washington and its allies are after toppling the Islamic System in Iran, but this policy will result in the US’ being driven out of Iraq and the region.

Al-Dawoodi added that the sanctions during the coronavirus outbreak displayed the hideous true face of the US under Donald Trump and revealed its arrogance and crimes. The US has changed into a bandit and steals oil, medicine, and medical equipment.

He hoped that Trump will be voted out of the office in the 2020 elections.


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