December 10, 2023

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Tehran virtual tours to become hearing-impaired-friendly

TEHRAN – The previously-established virtual tours of Tehran will be updated to allow hearing-impaired people better know destinations of the Iranian capital.

“Virtual tours will be produced in such a way that all people could make the best use of them while at home,” Tehran’s deputy tourism chief said on Wednesday, CHTN reported.

“Urban tourism for all should be planned in such a way that people with disabilities could join it, and this trend should be properly observed, both in terms of actual tours and virtual tours,” Morteza Adibzadeh added.

The official noted that hearing-impaired-friendly tours will be available as of the International Day for Monuments and Sites online (May 18).

By illuminating stop-and-go traffic that most of the year dominates downtown Tehran, virtual visitors have at their disposal tours to a rich, matchless patchwork of Iranian history and architecture such as Golestan Palace, Grand Bazaar, Treasury of National Jewels, National Museum of Iran, Glass & Ceramic Museum, Masoudieh Palace, Sarkis Cathedral, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Carpet Museum of Iran, just to name a few.

According to many — and especially the people who are making, facilitating and witnessing people use tours — virtual tours will help ramp up tourism.

Last year, Tehran’s tourism department started a pilot project to make a downtown street more accessible for people with disabilities. The historical stone-paved Si-e Tir street, which is a gateway to several major museums and centuries-old monuments, was subject to the plan introduced by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), aiming to make sure destinations can be enjoyed by all tourists, regardless of their physical, sensory or cognitive abilities.

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