May 23, 2022

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Tehran Says UK, France Use Double-Standard Policies Regarding Iran’s Satellite Launch

The spokesman noted that no European country opposed or condemned the US violation of the Resolution 2231 of the UN Security Council when Washington withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and introduced sanctions against Iran.

“Such double-standard policies [towards Iran] threaten the security of the region, Europe and the world”, Mousavi said at a briefing.

On Wednesday, the Iranian military said that its first military satellite Noor (Light) had been successfully placed into an orbit located 425 kilometres (264 miles) above the Earth’s surface. Following the launch, France condemned Iran’s action, calling on the country’s authorities to cease activities related to the development of ballistic missiles, adding that Tehran’s actions are not consistent with UN Security Council Resolution 2231 on Iran’s nuclear programme.

The United Kingdom, in its turn, said that the launch would destabilise the region and pose a threat to its security. The use of ballistic missiles, according to London, is contrary to the mention resolution.
Meanwhile, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that not a single international resolution had banned Tehran from launching military satellites into orbit.
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