May 23, 2022

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Stay at home and read a book: Morteza Mehrzad

TEHRAN – Iran sitting volleyball player Morteza Mehrzad has urged people to “stay at home and save lives”.

The health ministry said that the Islamic Republic’s death toll had reached 5,301 among a total of 80,868 infected people.

“Stay home as much as possible and don’t go where people are. I am at home and train to stay fit. The Third World War is now against the coronavirus,” Mehrzad said in an interview with Tehran Times.

“I’m reading books and watching movies in these days and it can help me to spend my free time,” he added.

Mehrzad, the tallest Paralympian in Rio, has not yet been able to find gloves since he has huge hands.

“The people wear mask and plastic gloves to protect themselves from the coronavirus but I cannot find gloves,” he laughed.

Mehrzad helped Iran sitting volleyball team win their sixth gold at the Paralympic Games. He was ready for another gold in 2020 Paralympic Games but the event was postponed due to coronavirus pandemic.

“From my viewpoint, the postponement of the Games is the right decision for the athletes. Sport is not the most important thing right now and the organizers wanted to preserve human life,” the 8-foot, 1-inch player said.

“Iran sitting volleyball are the most decorated team in Paralympics and we’ll do our utmost to win one more gold in Tokyo,” Mehrzad concluded.
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