December 10, 2023

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President Rouhani: Low-risk activities to resume next week in Iran

“Reopening of low-risk businesses is a part of greater Smart Social Distancing plan for provinces which started yesterday and it will start in Tehran next Saturday,” President Rouhani said during the Anti-Coronavirus National Headquarters meeting on Sunday morning.

He added that Health Ministry has guided vocational unions asking to start their activities to receive authorization code from an internet portal designed for this purpose and to become connected with the ministry through the portal.

Rouhani vowed the businesses cooperating with Health Ministry to receive the authorization code and complying with health protocols will receive a sign representing their efforts to ensure people’s health.

Iran’s chief executive also said that Health and Interior ministries along with the ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade will provide a plan for the high-risk businesses to start their activities with specific instructions and protocols.

Public transportation vehicles must be disinfected before they start to work and after that and the drivers must wear facial masks and gloves and avoid carrying excessive passengers, President Rouhani said as ratified in the Social Security Committee of the State Ministry.

He advised people living in Tehran and other big cities to use taxis or their private cars due to a lack of public transportation vehicles.

Recalling the approaching of Ramadan month, Iranian President stressed that religious congregations won’t be held in public, but in the social media in case the outbreak situation persists as it is, although the final decision will be taken in the next meeting of the Anti-Coronavirus National Headquarters.

The decision on opening of businesses are taken in accordance with principles of Healthy Ministry which include the number of beds in hospitals, human resources, physicians, nurses and ventilators, Rouhani underlined.

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