May 28, 2022

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Persian calligraphy, art of balance

Bahman Panahi, the inventor of Musicalligraphy (the relationship between Music and Calligraphy), says balance in art is what people want from life.

Panahi made the remarks live on Monday night on the Instagram page of the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO.

Live programs are run these days as people should follow social distancing rules to protect themselves from deadly coronavirus which has killed over 211,000 across the world since its outbreak in Dec 2019 from China.

Talking about calligraphy, Panahi said in Persian calligraphy, crafting “Qalam” made of wood is a symbol of hardworking.

As he said, making Qalam with metal was banned in tradition, because metal was not considered as a symbol of peace.

The Iranian artist believes that calligraphy is a promoter of peace and tranquility.

He further referred to 120 students who learn Persian calligraphy from him, saying just three of those students are Iranians, and this proves that art, calligraphy, in particular, is understandable for all if being taught correctly.

Panahi, 53, took master of calligraphy from the society of the Iranian calligrapher office about 30 years ago.

Persian Calligraphy is among the perfect symbols of identity of Iranian art which is well-known to the world.

Nasta’liq is the most famous form of Persian Calligraphy.

In July 2018, a council, affiliated to the Iranian National Commission for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), was established in Tehran for adopting a policy on Iran’s ancient art of calligraphy.


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