May 29, 2023

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Over 34b cubic meters of water stored behind Iranian dams

TEHRAN- Iran Water Resources Management Company (IWRM) announced that 34.8 billion cubic meters of water is stored behind the dams across the country, IRNA reported.

As reported, this amount of water is 10 percent lower than the figure for this time in the previous year.

Following the coronavirus outbreak in Iran, water consumption has increased dramatically, so that the energy minister has urged people to manage their consumption in peak consumption hours.

Earlier in February, Iran’s deputy energy minister had said that over 50 percent of the capacity of the country’s dams were filled and the rest was kept for flood management.

Speaking on the sidelines of an exhibition in Tehran, Ghasem Taghizadeh Khamesi expressed hope that considering the heavy snowfall, the country won’t be facing any water shortage in the upcoming hot seasons.

There are currently 193 dams operating throughout the country, of them 61 dams are full by over 90 percent and in 28 dams the stored water is 28 percent of the full capacity.

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